I received a full-sized pump bottle of this product in the December bellabox which had the Summer Glow theme.

Rating: Not too bad

This is an all in one hair treatment that has a long list of things it’s good for. From adding shine and taming frizziness, to rejuvenating dry and damaged hair, as well as protecting from heat, detangling and helping colour last longer. That’s a lot to live up to! To use this on wet hair you just spray straight on and comb through, on dry hair you pump it into your hands first and then apply and style per usual.

My hair is actually in really good condition so I don’t find that I need products like this one. I don’t dye it too often, and I don’t use heat on it that much as well. So as a rejuvenating product I didn’t notice a change. Nor did I notice a change in how long my colour lasted, but then my colour is a rinse that doesn’t last long at the best of times so I’m not surprised! I did find that it made my hair feel a bit softer and less frizzy, which is great for the humid weather we’ve been having lately! And I reckon it did have less tangles as well. My hair is naturally quite shiny and healthy looking anyway so I didn’t notice much of a difference here.

If you’re looking for a new product that does a whole lot of this in one, then maybe try this one out. You can pick it up online from a store like Catwalk who currently have this on sale for $24.95 for a 150mL pump bottle. If you do try it out, let me know what you thought of it as a heat protector and colour saver.


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