Corinne Rodrigues

This is the final post in the Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge for 2016. I went well over and above my goal for this one and am super happy about that!

I committed myself to the Out of Breath level which means I needed to read an extra 6-10 books, or roughly an extra 1,500-2,749 pages. In 2015 I read 27 books, so that means in 2016 my aim was to read 33-37 books.

In December I finished reading one a whopping 7 books, I think that has to be a total record for me! This is 6 books more than the amount I finished in November. Here’s the books I finished reading:

The links on the book titles go to the book reviews.

This gives me a total of 44 books read in 2016, woohoo completely smashed the target!

Did you complete this challenge as well? How many books did you read in 2016?


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