6718729A New Spring is the prequel to the Wheel of Time series and it tells the story of Moiraine and Siuan and how the began as Accepted and were put on the path to finding the Dragon Reborn, before finally being raised Aes Sedai and being able to search for him. Moiraine also meets Lan and bonds him as her warder.

I actually really like seeing Moiraine and Siuan and young women, it makes it easier to relate to them. The only thing I didn’t like in this story in general was it didn’t span enough time and give the reader an idea on how Moiraine came to be heading towards the Two Rivers and how it was that Siuan became the Amyrlin.

What I like about graphic novels is that it can really help to bring the characters and the story to life. I really enjoyed the pictures in this, how they looked, facial expressions, it was all great. Of course there’s not as much text to pick up the story by so I’d definitely be wanting to read the book in full before reading the graphic novel.

The only comment I really have to make about some of the images is in the detail. But you know, the devil is in the detail! The coloured bands on the Accepted dresses changed order sometimes. It went from say brown, white then grey, to brown, grey then white. I also didn’t feel that Moiraine’s height was portrayed that well either. She’s Cairheinin so should be heaps shorter than everyone, but was often the same height.

Asides from that I really enjoyed being able to devour my favourite series in a new way. I’ll definitely be getting my hands on the graphic novels for Eye of the World. I’m not sure if there are plans to keep going beyond the first book though, if anyone knows can you please leave me a note in the comments? Thank you!


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