This is the last of the challenges I’ll be doing in 2017, and I’m keeping it a simple one. Basically the idea is to read a mountain-size pile of books that are on your TBR (To Be Read) list.

The rules are pretty simple, you can check them out in full over at My Reader’s Block. Basically you just read books from your TBR, and they have to have been on your TBR prior to 1st January 2017. You can overlap with other challenges as well which is great for me as all of the books I plan on reading for the other three challenges are all going to be from my TBR list.

There are also several different levels of “mountain” that you can try to achieve, and you (thankfully) don’t have to set out a list of books but you do have to specify what mountain you’re hoping to achieve.

I read 44 books in 2016, which seems to be about the max number of books I’ve read in the last few years so I’m thinking that I’ll go for a modest target and aim for Mt. Ararat which is equal to reading 48 books from my TBR.

Let me know in the comments if you are also doing this challenge.


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