712597This story is told from the perspective of Roger Lynch and it starts in his boyhood when he meets his cousin Chas for the first time, and then later marries Karen. During this time he is also captivated by the Amity Pritchard, a woman who lived a long time ago in a town where he visited his Grandpa for a summer. A woman who was tormented and stuck in a love triangle between her sister and the man she married. When Roger finds out Amity’s house is up for sale, he and his wife decide to buy it and Roger sees his cousin again for the first time since that summer. What happens next is hauntingly similar to the events laid out in Amity’s diaries a hundred years before.

A surprising story indeed, and took a turn that I did not expect at the end. I have been trying to decide if the ending fit in with the way the story was told. Roger ended up wholeheartedly believing that he was the reincarnation of Amity and that Karen and Chas were Amity’s sister and brother-in-law. The life that they lead, the torrid affair between not only Karen and Chas, but also Roger and Chas does seem to echo what happened between Amity, Constance and Eugene. I suppose together with the few mentions throughout the book with Karen saying how familiar things felt at Amity’s house and her work in the library, if she was the reincarnation of Constance that would explain it. But I certainly wasn’t expecting it to end as it did. With reincarnation and everyone having the same fate as each other. A potential haunting maybe… Some other explanation for why Amity hid away…

I did really enjoy the book though, it was simply written, but the words roped me in and I read this book cover to cover in one day. I wanted to find out more about Amity. I didn’t care what Roger was doing but Amity interested me. I did feel that perhaps it wrapped up a bit too quickly. Where’s Amity’s affair raged hot for a while and her journal was very emotional, Roger’s was quick and over in a matter of pages and rather unemotional in comparison. I mean, Karen was diddling Chas for a while, and Roger tried to win her back, if only to get back at Chas. But there was nothing between Roger and Chas except for a quick fling which didn’t really reflect what Amity and Eugene had had. Or maybe I’m confused and Karen was actually Eugene? I’m not sure, it did do my head in a bit but the concept was there, it just wrapped up a bit quick for my taste.

An interesting read on the idea of reincarnation, and I liked that it was gender fluid in that, Amity was reincarnated as a man, that’s an idea I think that needs to be explored more.


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