Being a confessed bookaholic I love the idea of this challenge. I am so addicted to books, I love to buy books and am always adding books to my TBR, but it really really does not do any good for my wallet.

Enter the Library Love Challenge!

The idea of this challenge is simple, you just need to read at minimum 12 books that have been borrowed from the library. This supports the local library and is also much, much better for your wallet.

There are a few different levels you can choose from if you think you can do more than 12 books, but for this first time around I think I will still with 12 books which is the Dewey Decimal level. There are no set lists or anything that need to be spelled out before the challenge starts but every month I will do an update post and report back on progress to see how I’m going.

If you would like to join this challenge as well, you can check out the sign-up post over on Bea’s Book Nook, or click on the button below.

2017 Library Love Challenge

Let me know in the comments if you are also doing this challenge.


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