I received a packet of these biscuits in the December Vegan Box. They were described as vegan Oreos so I was kinda keen to try them out!

These are biscuits that look just like an Oreo. Two chocolatey biscuits with a creamy filling. But, it is gluten, egg and dairy free which makes it a perfect sweet treat for vegetarians and vegans. There is still sugar in these so they’re not as healthy as they could be, but all things in moderation, right?

Yum! These biscuits were so tasty, and didn’t have that addictive sickly sweet sugary flavour that Oreo’s have, so just having two biscuits felt like enough. The biscuits had a nice crunch to them and were just sweet and chocolatey enough to suck all the flavour out of and the inside cream was quite sweet. It didn’t really have a flavour except maybe and icing kind of flavour but together with the biscuit it was a nice balance. Kind of like cookies and cream.

If you’re looking for a nice sweet treat to take to work or just relax with a cuppa, then try these ones out. You can get a box with 6 packets each containing 2 biscuits for $4.95 directly from Leda Nutrition which isn’t too bad a price.


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