I received one of these eyeshadow duos in the colours wisteria and amethyst in the November bellabox which had the Botanical Beauty theme.

Rating: I wouldn’t bother…

This is a mineral based eyeshadow that is described as being silky as well as crease and fade resistant. It can be worn as either a soft day look or built up to be a smokey evening look. It has light reflecting particles which is supposed to give it a shimmery look, it doesn’t contain any parabens or artificial fragrances or oils and is also not tested on animals.

Honestly… I’ve had better makeup from the $2 shop.

While the light shadow seems to be quite pigmented and really obvious when you put it on, the darker colour on the other hand you just can’t see it. It doesn’t matter how many layers you put on, it doesn’t get any darker. God knows how anyone would make a smokey look out of it. It also didn’t seem that shimmery to me, it was more of a matte powder which is odd cos when I look at the palette I can kinda see shimmery flecks in it, it just doesn’t seem to translate well when it’s applied.

I’m also not sure if the samples Luma Cosmetics gave bellabox where old or not but they didn’t feel silky to me, the felt kinda chalky. I also didn’t find that it lasted well on my lids. With primer it was marginally better but I just feel like this was cheap crap and nothing was going to help it.

If, for whatever reason you’re desperate and want to check this out, you can purchase it from somewhere like Priceline and it’ll cost you $19.95 for a duo palette. Which is too expensive for this in my opinion.


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