It’s nearly the end of the year so one of the things I am starting to have a think about is what reading challenges to do for next year. I’ve only been doing these for a couple of years and I actually really enjoy doing it. I feel like it gives me something to aim for, and especially if a challenge is category based it can really help to expand your horizons in terms of the kind of books you may read.

So my question to you is, have you heard of any great 2017 reading challenges? Let me know in the comments below, I’d be really interested in what you’re looking at.

If you’re like me and also looking, I did find a great blog post by Girlxoxo that summarises a huge number of 2017 challenges so I’d definitely recommend looking at that if you need some ideas.

Here are a few that I picked off the list to check out… There are heaps so I still need to narrow down the list, but if you’ve done any of these before and have suggestions or recommendations please let me know!

  • 2017 Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge – Basically you read one book for each letter of the alphabet. Not overly excited about this one, the only real challenge would be finding a book that starts with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Books N’ Tunes Challenge – Match up the books you read with some music! I’ve never done anything like this before, it could be really interesting, and something really different for me to think about while I’m doing this challenge.
  • Colour Coded Challenge – Read one book from each of the colour categories. I looked at doing this one for 2016, it was one of the final 3 I had down but I decided that 3 was probably too many challenges for me personally, so this one got cut.
  • 2017 Diverse Reads Book Challenge – Read a book from each of the 12 categories, one per month or at your own pace. I like these kinds of challenges because these are what tend to broaden your horizons and make you read books you may not normally read.
  • Full House Reading Challenge 2017 – Works like bingo, you read one book from each of the categories. Again with the categories and being able to read more of a diverse list of books. The categories here though don’t really rock my socks but there’s a quarterly gift voucher up for grabs so something to keep in mind!
  • The Grand World of Books 2017 Book Bingo Challenge – Another bingo challenge, though this one is quite similar to the one I created for myself this year so I’m not sure if I will do this one.
  • 2017 Library Love Challenge – Read at minimum 12 books that you have borrowed from the library. I actually really like this idea. I think I get stuck on the idea of buying books too much even when I can’t afford it so a library might be a great way around that, and save money.
  • 2017 Mount TBR Challenge – Choose a mountain that represents the number of books you want to read from your TBR list and go for it! This is a great way to set a goal for the number of books you want to read, especially ones that may have been hanging around for a while.
  • TBR Challenge 2017 – Another TBR but with a twist; they provide categories each month to help you on your way which can be great if you have a massive TBR list (like me) and need some help working out which ones to choose!
  • What’s In A Name 2017 – This is a small challenge where the book titles have to have something particular in the title, like numbers in numbers. An interesting way to choose books, and good thing this is a small challenge as they prefer there are no crossovers with other challenges.
  • Wild Goose Chase Reading Challenge 2017 – A category based challenge, much like the bingo ones, you read one book from each category. The categories in this aren’t too bad actually, and I think what really drew me to it was the unusual name of the challenge!

Let me know in the comments if any of these challenges have piqued your interest or if there are any challenges you’re looking at doing next year!


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