I received a packet of these jelly lollies in the December Vegan Box. I was a bit excited to be getting lollies in The Vegan Box so couldn’t wait to try these ones!

These jellies are made using pectin instead of gelatine which is what makes them suitable for vegans. The jellies are in all sorts of shapes from fruit pieces to dinosaurs, robot and tiny men! The flavours are also a bit unusual as well, ranging from flavours like pineapple-caramel, kiwi-nectarine, to more normal like lime-lemonade.

I really liked these jellies. They were really flavoursome, and the texture of them was so soft and delightful. I also found they were quite filling too. So I’d only need 2-3 of them and I’d be satisfied with that, whereas normal gelatine ones I reckon you could chew through half a packet at least and still not be satisfied. I think these ones are just so rich in flavour that it doesn’t take much to be satisfied.

If you’re looking for a sweet vegan treat then I’d definitely recommend getting some of these. They are really affordable and can be bought directly from the The Red Balloon website for $5.50 for a 120g bag of jellies.


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