I received a sample tube/container of this serum in the November bellabox which had the Botanical Beauty theme.

Rating: I like it, it smells great and feels good on the skin

This serum uses Jeju green tea and seeds in order to provide hydration deep within the skin. It also helps to create a barrier that helps to prevent moisture loss in your skin, keeping your skin hydrated for longer. You can use this straight after washing your face, the Innisfree website indicates no need to use a toner before applying.

I’m not sure I would use a serum as the only moisturiser for my skin, I tend to use them more as a treatment maybe a couple of times a week just to give my skin a bit of an added boost. I did try this one just on it’s own as an overnight treatment and it was actually pretty good. I think part of that might be due to it being a warm night though, so in winter I think you’d probably still want to put a proper moisturiser on over the top. I still have a few more uses out of this tube and I have been using it with a moisturiser and I have to say my skin is feeling pretty darn great. It’s soft and hydrated, I’m not even getting any dryness or irritation from hay fever, so I’m thinking this serum is a win.

The only other thing I wanted to mention was about the smell of this stuff. Oh my gosh it smells so good. It’s like some kind of delicious mens aftershave. All I want to do is keep smelling it, which sounds kinda weird but it just smells that good!

If you would like to give this a go, you can buy it direct from the Innisfree website for $30.63 for a 80mL bottle, which isn’t too bad considering how little you need.


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