I have been really irregular with these posts this year and that is really because of everything that has been happening.

I broke up with my partner of a few years and had to go through separating assets and things like that and have been trying to sell my investment property and that has been trouble in itself. My tenant moved out and so I’m stuck with paying two mortgages while the investment sells so I’m completely skint. My relationship with my mother went from being kind of existent to completely demolished.

Basically 2016 has been a really shit year for me and week to week I have been really struggling to find the positives from it. It’s just felt like, well, one crap week and bad news and more bad news.

Which probably means it would have been even more beneficial for me to try and find the positives each week! Given that realisation, I am going to do my best to try and do this posts each week again.

So here goes, here are the few positives from the last week…

Walking on Sunday | My friend and I went for a walk from my house to the local shopping centre (about 3km) to do some Christmas shopping. I guess that’s like three positives in one, first I got to have a good catch up with my friend, I got some exercise and I got some Christmas shopping done!

Zoo day | I had my last zoo day for the year on Wednesday which was good. I’ve been finding that there is a bit of a separation in duties for the men and women. The women (all older/retired) are quite content to just do the planting and watering and the guys do basically everything else, from irrigation to some small construction jobs and whatnot. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a younger person, but I have been put on a lot of jobs with the guys, which I’m quite ok with because I enjoy learning a lot of the practical tasks that comes with it.

Lunch with a friend | A friend and I went out for lunch on Thursday to a new place down the street that we hadn’t been to before. It was really, really tasty food. And of course the company was good as well, we had a lot of laughs and were gone from work for far too long.

I hope you all had a wonderful week, and if you would like to share the positive things from your past week I’d love to hear it!


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