I received a travel size of this dry shampoo in the Blush fragrance in the October bellabox which had the Spring Racing Carnival theme.

Rating: Not a huge fan of dry shampoo, but this is one of the better ones.

Dry shampoo is kind of what it sounds like, it’s an aerosol spray can so you spray it on your roots an it works to absorb grease and leave your hair looking fresh and soft. It also gives it a bit more volume and texture to stop it looking lank and dirty. The fragrance in the dry shampoo also helps counteract the dirty hair smell that sometimes comes with having dirty hair!

Some people love dry shampoo, but personally I’m not a fan of it unless I’m really desperate and don’t have time to wash my hair. To me, nothing beats actual fresh clean hair. The other thing I find with dry shampoo is that although it might give the appearance of fresh hair, when I touch my hair it feels stiff and, well gross, because of the dry shampoo residue. I also find that residue can make my head really itchy, especially if it’s warm weather. But then if I scratch of course all the white powder comes out and I look like I have dandruff!

As far as Batiste Dry Shampoo goes though, I do find it’s better than other ones I’ve used, and I do keep a can in the cupboard just in case I get desperate.

If you want to pick up a can of this, it’s available near everywhere from pharmacies to supermarkets, so shop around to get a good price. As a benchmark though, Priceline sell this for $9.99 for a 200mL can.


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