160257This book is actually a prequel to the TV series Dark Angel starring Jessica Alba. It starts with Max’s life with the Chinese Clan after she escaped from Manticore and then leaving for Seattle after seeing a video of one of her siblings on the news and a mysterious cyberjournalist called Eyes Only. Along the way she meets Original Cindy and Kendra and in trying to find her sibling, possibly Seth, and gets caught up in intricate schemes involving art dealers and Colonel Lydecker from Manticore.

Though this book is only a prequel and so doesn’t have any major reveals or surprises in it, it does help to fill a few gaps. That being, how Max came to be in Seattle, why she spends so much time up on the Space Needle, and even hints at how it is she really came to meet Eyes Only. What I liked about this book is that even in written form, Max’s sassy attitude still comes through, and that was one of the things I really liked about her.

Otherwise though, the book was ok, wasn’t a real work of art, but was entertaining and action packed enough that I whizzed through it pretty quickly. There was the whole art deal, but not art deal with a couple of bad guys that Lydecker was but wasn’t involved with, and it just seems so silly that in talking to those guys Lydecker didn’t realise that Max existed. Like it shouldn’t have been hard to put together the girl from the Chinese Clan to the girl who beat the crap out of the art dealers body guards. But then maybe he never found out about it. But it did kinda make the storyline feel a little thin there.

The other thing that got me was at the beginning talking about Original Cindy and her beating the crap outta some guy because you know she has some hell military background in fighting and stuff. Seriously? Really? Just…no. And don’t even get me started on her always talking about herself in the third person, there’s just something not right about that!

All up though, if you’re a Dark Angel fan and didn’t get enough of the TV show because let’s face it they cut that shit off way too early, then give these books a go to get a bit more of a fix.


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