I received a sample tube of this heel balm in the October bellabox which had the Spring Racing Carnival theme.

Rating: It’s ok…

The purpose of this heel balm is to provide intensive moisture into the heels to restore dry, cracked feet and make them silky smooth again. It contains ingredients like urea and other natural moisturising factors that are found naturally in the skin, the idea being that it prevents dehydration and also boosts the foots own ability to create and store moisture. It also contains emollients such as shea butter, paraffin wax, lanolin and mineral oil, plus several others. You simply apply it to dry or cracked skin once or twice daily, and even when the skin has been restored, continue use so that they remain soft and smooth.

I’m sure that I’ve had a sample of this product before and it was really, really good, but for some reason now, it’s not really worked that well. I’m not sure if maybe Dermal Therapy have changed the composition of this cream, but I’m not finding that my feet are as soft and smooth as last time. Last time I used it, even after one use my feet felt really soft and smooth. I have to say though that last time it did feel like there was a heavy residue on my feet, maybe the paraffin wax? And I haven’t noticed that so much this time around, so perhaps that’s the change.

In any case, though it doesn’t seem to be as good as it was last time, it’s still not too bad. After three days’ use my feet aren’t as dry and maybe getting a little softer as well. But I also think they could do with a good exfoliation to help get them just that bit more smooth!

If you’d like to give it a go, you can pick it up from somewhere like Priceline for $13.99 for a 75g tube which isn’t too bad.


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