I received a sample tube of this moisturising lotion in the October bellabox which had the Spring Racing Carnival theme.

Rating: It’s kinda works but doesn’t excite me.

This moisturiser is supposed to provide 24 hour hydration after 1 application, it is fragrance free and non-greasy as well. The other thing about this moisturiser is that it is supposed to be suitable for use on both the face and the body. I’m always a bit cautious about that because my face is more sensitive than everywhere else so I personally would only use this on my body and use a proper face cream for moisturising my face.

I did find that this moisturiser did provide some hydration to my skin but not enough for what my skin needs. It wasn’t greasy, but because it doesn’t really have a smell. No that’s not entirely true! It does have a smell, it smells like sorbolene cream, and it feels like sorbolene cream as well. And because of that, it doesn’t really tick all the boxes for me. I like a product that smells amazing and feels amazing, and this doesn’t smell great and only feels ok.

You can pick this up from somewhere like Priceline for $15.29 for a 226g tube. But personally, I’d say if you’re cool with using sorbolene cream as a moisturiser then I would just go with that and save yourself a few dollars.


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