I received a packet of this trail mix in the November Vegan Box. I like a good trail mix, especially if it’s a little on the sweet side, and this didn’t disappoint!

All of the ingredients in this mix come from Bali, and what a long list of ingredients there is. Cashews of course, but also raw cacao, rosella, red rice, oats, cassava syrup, sea salt, the list just goes on. There are heaps of different flavours and textures all rolled in together and it is deliciously sweet but then also a hint savoury as well.

Oh man, I really liked this trail mix, it was so delicious. That combination of different flavours, at first I’d been thinking that maybe it would be too much and you wouldn’t get much out of it. But really, it’s like a flavour explosion in the mouth, and the different textures of the food just really adds another layer of yum to this mix.

If you are in the market for a new snack that is absolutely delicious then I’d recommend giving this a go. You can pick up a packet from the online Essentially Healthy website for $4.95 for a 55g packet which is a pretty good price.


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