When a cat falls out of a tree, it lets go of itself. The cat becomes completely relaxed, and lands lightly on the ground. But if a cat were about to fall out of a tree and suddenly make up its mind that it didn’t want to fall, it would become tense and rigid, and would just be a bag of broken bones upon landing.

In the same way, it is the philosophy of the Tao that we are all falling off a tree, at every moment of our lives. As a matter of fact, the moment we were born we were kicked off a precipice and we are falling, and there is nothing that can stop it.

So instead of living in a state of chronic tension, and clinging to all sorts of things that are actually falling with us because the whole world is impermanent, be like a cat.

Alan Watts, What is Tao?

Wise words to live by I think. People need to learn to be more fluid and accepting of things, particularly those which we can’t change. We might be able to redirect our path as we are falling to get what we want, but clinging on to things needlessly… learn to let it go and live a freer, happier life.


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