I received a small jar of this Nutella alternative in the November Vegan Box. Nutella is like the sweetest, most addictive thing ever! Ok, maybe not ever, but enough that I was really looking forward to trying this healthy alternative.

This product is made using chemical-free hazelnuts, fair trade raw cacao and coconut sugar. So it is cane sugar free, and also therefore a lot less sweet than Nutella.

I’ll tell you, this stuff, it smells so amazing! Way better than Nutella, oh I could sniff it for ages. Which I realise sounds really odd… The taste isn’t as amazing as the smell is though but it is still really tasty.

I tried some of it straight from the jar and it is just the cacao and hazelnut flavour, and lacks the really sugary flavour that Nutella has which is good. Well, I think it’s good. It means that there’s none of the addictive sugariness that Nutella has and so you (or I, rather) don’t go over the top and like eat the whole jar! The rest of the small jar I spread over a couple of ryvita and that actually worked a treat. The combination was just sweet and filling enough that I was really satisfied with it.

If you’d like to try it yourself, you can get it from a few online stores; The Cruelty Free Shop are selling it for $12.35 per jar, although I can’t quite see how big the jar is so I’m not sure if that’s good value for money or not but I’m damn sure it’ll be more expensive than Nutella because of the ingredients, but it’ll also be worth it.


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