I received a full size of this product in the October bellabox which had the Spring Racing Carnival theme.

Rating: It’s pretty good…

This product is really to target those who straighten or blow-dry their hair every day as it helps to deliver moisture and prevent heat damage. However, even if you don’t you can still use it to help make your hair a little bit softer and smoother. You apply this to the mid-lengths and ends of clean hair to begin with and then massage the scalp with any left over. Finally go ahead and style your hair and it helps to extend the life of your style as well.

I found this serum was actually quite thick. Normally these heat protectors or moisture shots are quick slick and oily but this was a bit thicker so needed a bit more than what I thought I would. It did make my hair feel softer and less dry which is great given how bleached it is. I also found that it did help extend my style. I got caught in the rain one day and rather than my hair becoming a frizzy mess, it stayed pretty much the straightened bob which I was quite happy with.

You can buy a 10mL bottle from the Neon & Co website for $10 and you’ll get about 2-3 uses out of the bottle. So it’s probably not something you want to use all the time, maybe just every now and then, in which case it’s not a terrible price.


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