I received a packet of this popcorn in the November Vegan Box. I love popcorn so was really excited to be able to try a new brand and flavour.

This popcorn is naturally flavoured, supposedly it’s not genetically modified, which to me doesn’t really mean much (thoughts on that later). It is popped in small batches and then seasoned to perfection.

And I have to agree, I do think this popcorn is seasoned to perfection! It is so, so yummy. The jalapeño flavour is not too strong and mixes perfectly with the salty flavour and is also maybe slightly sweet at the same time. It’s a perfect snack and a perfect size as well, and light enough that you don’t feel bloated or anything after having it. All in all, I really liked this popcorn.

The only problem is, when I Googled it, I couldn’t find anywhere to buy it except on the US site and the only ship within the US. But if anyone else knows where to get it in Australia, please let me know!


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