I received one of these lipsticks in the Mrs French Winter Maroon (Matte formula) colour in the October bellabox which had the Spring Racing Carnival theme.

Rating: Really loved this lipstick!

These lipsticks are Australian made and seasonal designs so there’s always something new with every season. They are creamy and hydrating, this one in particular has been infused with jojoba seed oil to avoid the dryness that can normally be associated with matte lipsticks. This colour lipstick has a story behind it, it was designed by one of the company owners to be worn at her wedding reception.

The colour is a deep maroon and reminds me of a beautiful, rich red wine. Best of all, it smells like grape Hubba Bubba! It is so amazing I just want to eat it! This is supposed to be a matte lipstick but it is so luscious that it can’t help but have a sheen to it. But it’s so pretty as it is, I just don’t care! I would recommend if you try this though that you make sure you exfoliate your lips so that it applies evenly.

If you are looking for a new lipstick that wears quite well, feels great on the lips, and smells delicious, I’d recommend trying one of these lipsticks. You can pick one up from the Shanghai Suzie website for $14.95, or they’re doing a sale where you can get 5 for $50 which is a pretty great price if you ask me!


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