I received a sample sachet of this body lotion in the September bellabox which had the “Kiss Me. Put on some lipstick and live a little.” theme.

Rating: It felt really nice on the skin

This particular body lotion is jasmine infused and contains avocado oil as well. It is easily absorbed and leaves your skin non-greasy, the formula is also designed to deeply penetrate the skin to rejuvenate and moisturise it as well as leaving the skin hydrated, feeling smooth and lightly fragranced as well.

This moisturiser felt so nice going on the skin. You don’t need heaps of it so it goes a long way. It soaked in really easily and left my skin feeling so soft and silky it was really beautiful. The scent of this moisturiser was also lovely, you couldn’t really smell much of the avocado, it was mostly the jasmine but it was so soft and delicate which was nice.

You can pick this up from somewhere like Priceline for $9.99 for a 400mL bottle which is a great price. If you’re looking for a new body lotion then it’s definitely worth trying this out.


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