I received a full-size packet of these coconut smiles in the October Vegan Box, which is great. One packet has about three serves so I was able to get quite a lot out of it.

These are basically coconut chips that have been seasoned with chilli and salt and then toasted. All of the ingredients are organic which is great. It’s also a very healthy snack being low in sugar, carbs and containing good dietary fibre.

Coconut is a very strong flavour to overcome and when you’re eating toasted coconut it just seems to make the flavour even stronger. The reason I mention this is because though the flavour of these chips is supposed to be hot and salty, they really just taste like coconut with a hint of the chilli and salt. The other thing that was a bit different to how I thought it would be was the size of the chips. On the packet they’re described as being thick and chunky and so I was looking at the bag thinking that if that were the case, three servings in one packet wasn’t going to be very satisfying. But it turns out they’re actually small and thin chips. I think that’s good though because I felt like I was having a bigger serving for a snack.

These are pretty good value for money I think, you can get a 70g packet for $3.25 from an online health store. If you don’t mind the taste of coconut with a bit of additional flavour I’d definitely recommend trying these.


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