I received one of these Smoothie Bombs in the October Vegan Box, so was only able to get one try out of it which is ok but it would have been nice to try different combinations of fruits and milk.

The best way I can describe these is like a bliss ball. It’s a hard, yet moist ball of ingredients like raw cacao, molasses, LSA and chia seeds all rolled up and ready to make into a smoothie. To make a smoothie using these, you firstly need a blender, fruit and milk of choice (nut or cow, whatever your preference is). Mix it all together and voila, there’s your smoothie!

The recipe that I tried with ‘The Motivator’ was a banana and a cup of almond milk. And I probably needed to blend it a bit longer so that the smoothie bomb broke up more as it stayed kinda chunky and sunk to the bottom so I didn’t really get that whole choc-banana flavour I’d been going for… plus the chunks down the bottom weren’t that great on their own, but my dog loved eating the dregs!

If you’re a smoothie nut, then this could be a really great convenience for you, not having to measure a bit of this and a bit of that, but just chuck in a Smoothie Bomb and bam off you go. It’s very easy. Even if you’re looking to get a bit more into smoothies, this is also a great way to get you started. My only gripe, and it really is minor, is that I had to clean my blender and thats just because it’s a finicky thing and I have to try not to stab myself on the blades.

The price of these aren’t too bad considering the ease and effort required, you can pick them up for $12.95 for a pack of 5 direct from Smoothie Bombs. Plus they also have handy recipes on their site which is cool.


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