I received a small tube sample of this CC Cream in the September bellabox which had the “Kiss Me. Put on some lipstick and live a little.” theme.

Rating: I’ve had better…

This face cream is along the same lines as BB creams, only is called a CC cream because it’s a “colour correcting” cream. So, it is meant to correct, protect and perfect the skin so it looks less red, dark circles are reduced and the skin looks brighter. It contains ingredients like white tea extract, vitamin C and even liquorice. All you do is put a thin layer on your face, you can build it up for extra coverage or even use it as a primer under makeup.

I didn’t find that this was a lightweight cream. It was too thick to go on in just a light layer, but it did provide good coverage. However, over a long period of time wearing it I did find that my skin became a greasy, it felt like my skin wasn’t able to breathe properly. So this wasn’t really a good fit for my skin.

Avon are selling this CC Cream direct on their website for $14.99, so it is quite a cheap product. If you are desperate and don’t have much cash maybe see what it’s like for you, it is a cheap investment.


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