I received a small spritzer tube sample of this perfume in the September bellabox which had the “Kiss Me. Put on some lipstick and live a little.” theme.

This perfume is a very fresh smelling perfume that smells like a beautiful garden in spring and has that wonderful white gardenia smell. The good thing about this product is that is uses Community Trade organic alcohol and is suitable for vegans.

I really liked the smell of this perfume. The scent wasn’t hugely long lasting but when it was on it was like wandering around in a fresh garden, oh it was so yummy. The only other thing is that the sample was too small so I only got a few uses out of it and it was so pretty that I would have liked to get a bit of a bigger sample!

The price of the perfume is pretty good as well, bellabox are selling 50mL bottles for $36.95. So if you’re looking for a pretty perfume that’s not going to break the bank then definitely give this one a go.


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