I received a 40g sample pack of the Vegan Chai tea in the October Vegan Box, and was able to get a few cups out of it which is great.

This tea is a combination of Indian spices, black tea, ginger root and organic rice malt syrup. There are a few ways you can prepare this tea, by brewing it in hot water and adding a dash of milk (soy or whatever your preference is), or by making a latte and brewing it in a small bit of water and a lot of hot milk which is how I had it.

The flavour of this tea is different to the kind of tea you would have if you went to a cafe or something like that. I wonder if part of that is because they maybe don’t use real chai, it’s got malt milk or sugars and stuff like that in it. This tea is real spices and rich flavours and so aromatic. It has a lovely flavour that just kind of tingles the tastebuds. One thing I found interesting, which I’ve not seen before is that, it’s still moist, it’s not a dry loose leaf tea. So it really needs to be kept in the fridge or freezer to extend its shelf life.

You can buy a 200g can of this chai blend direct from Calmer Sutra for $14.90, which for what it is, isn’t too bad a price. If you’re looking for a tasty chai that is suitable for vegans then I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try.


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