23582405This book tells the story of Alex who is a New York publicist who gets fired from her job and moves back home to Atlanta. She moves in with her parents and has to work at the local shopping mall while getting herself back on her feet. Along the way she discovers pole dancing when a friend makes her try a class and falls in love with it and the industry and begins building up her own publicity business. Of course there’s love and drama (and actual Drama) along the way to keep her on her toes while she’s working out what to do with her life!

I decided to read this book because I enjoy pole dancing myself and wanted to see what a story about it would be like and more importantly how the tricks would be described! St. John does pretty well at describing some of the tricks, although if you’re not a pole dancer and can’t visualise the trick when she writes the name I think you’d be struggling a bit.

But nevertheless it was an entertaining story, the main character Alex, the thing I liked most about her is that she didn’t have the perfect body, that she talked about her fat rolls – and legitimately could have had some as she wasn’t an American size 0. That made her relatable. What I didn’t really like about her was her attitude towards Ryder, I mean damn girl make up your mind and just go for it already!

There were a couple of surprises in the book, especially towards the end when Alex has been building her business and gets a new offer from her ex Wordsmith. I won’t spoil it for you but it was kinda left-field and unexpected. It was good and very devious but I think Alex just rolled over and accepted it a little too easily and moved on and began trusting that person again. I was like, really?!

Anyway, all up I enjoyed this book. If you’re a pole dancer it might be a good casual read for you too, I devoured it very quickly, it was so easy to read!


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