I received a full-size block of Origin Organic Chocolate in the October Vegan Box, which is really generous.

Origin sources cacao beans from all over the world, they are all ethical and fair trade certified. There’s no animal products in any of the blocks of chocolate, it’s all cacao bean based and organic raw sugar. The block of chocolate I received was made with cacao beans from Madagascar and the flavour was slightly nutty with a hint of fruitiness about it.

Being organic and “guilt free” it of course isn’t as sweet as Cadbury, but it was delicious and I think because it lacked the sugar content, it was a total flavour hit and so you only needed a small amount to feel satisfied. I really enjoyed this chocolate and even more, loved the packaging. It’s so cool, it looks like a parcel! Definitely a lot here to like.

This can be quite pricey to purchase if you buy it from a store (and there aren’t that many that sell it in SA), but you can buy it wholesale direct from Origin Organic Chocolate for $6.95 for a 100gm block, if you purchase 20 minimum.

If you can get your hands on a block of this then I’d definitely recommend trying it.


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