830This follows the story of Hiro Protagonist who by day delivers pizza for Uncle Enzo and by night is like some sort of *cough* “hero” in the metaverse, renowned for his amazing sword abilities. There’s a new virus ripping though the metaverse community, taking down users’ computers and their actual brains as well. Can Hiro, with help from Y.T and some unsuspecting others, stop it before tech is killed forever?

This book is eerie. Not in a supernatural way, but in a way that will leave you thinking this book could be a realistic telling of the future of the human race. The virtual reality metaverse, viruses, history of babbling, are all intertwined in this story. Laid out the way it is, it’s easy to see how Stephenson draws the connection between viruses and how they control things and gods who may or may not have spread them and the purpose that babbling played. You look at where the human race is headed now and think, yes this could be it.

The only downfall of this book is that it seems to be about one mans need for revenge about something that happened to his father. At least I think it is. I got a little confused towards the end, but it seemed like that’s what it was about. His father died trying to escape during a war because of a disagreement on action, and this guy wanted revenge. I mean really? Such an intricate plot design and such a great idea for destruction and this is the reason? It could have been a little bit more ambitious, go all in for world domination!

Overall though I really enjoyed this book, it was a trippy ride. I’d definitely recommend reading it if you get a chance.


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