I received a 5 straw variety pack in the October Vegan Box which is great, it was good to be able to try a few different flavours of this.

Rating: Great way to flavour milk

These straws are, well just that, but with a bit of a twist. Inside the straw is the magical ingredient that flavours the milk as you suck it through the straws. The flavouring agent is little balls that fill up the straw so you can get the milk through it but to begin with it does take a bit to actually be able to suck milk up because it is so full of those ball things.

So of course you stick the straw in 250mL of cows milk, or soy milk, or other milk substitute and suck on the straw (no chewing on the straw). I would suggest though that 200mL of milk is probably better, any more than that and the flavour becomes too weak to get much out of it.

I really liked these and the flavours were all really tasty and it’s such a great, easy and surprisingly healthy drink to have. If you, or your kids enjoy flavoured milk then I’d definitely consider giving these a try.

For price they might be a bit on the expensive side when you compare it to something like Milo, at $9.23 for a 25 straw variety pack, but a lot healthier than that or Nesquick.


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