I hope everyone had a great week! I’m finally doing another one of these posts – on Saturday because I went out straight after work. Below are my highlights from the last week:

Health and Wellbeing Expo | Last Saturday I went to a Health and Wellbeing Expo held at a retirement village and had a stall there with my manager. It was lovely and I met a few nice ladies who I’ll be doing treatments for.

Cooking | Ok it’s a bit weird that this is a highlight for me these days, but since trying to change to a vegetarian lifestyle I have been trying a few different recipes and so this weekend I spent some time trying out new recipes.

Nutrimetics gifts | I received the Christmas preview pack during the week which was very exciting and I also got a few additional freebies thrown in which is great.

Friends | Last night was a catch up with some friends that I haven’t seen in over a year and it was so much fun. I drank a bit too much to drive home so I did the responsible thing and slept at their place. It was so good to see them after so long!

I would love to hear what the highlights of your week were so please feel free to share it with me in the comments section.


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