I received one of these lipsticks in the September bellabox which had the “Kiss Me. Put on some lipstick and live a little.” theme.

Rating: Cool gimmick

Basically this lipstick, when you open it up, it looks like a stick of jelly. It’s see through and lightly tinted so looks pretty cool. When you put it on your lips the lipstick reacts to the heat and changes colour and provides a long-lasting tint.

As a general lipstick it’s not too bad actually. It smells nice, it feels alright on the lips as well. The colour that develops is a nice rich pink colour as well, it’s very pretty.

It is a gimmick, it’s a very cool gimmick don’t get me wrong. So if you like things that people go oh wow that’s so cool, then for sure, get yourself one of these lipsticks. The only thing that I think could be improved is the colour range. At the moment all I’ve heard is that these babies turn a shade of pink. And there’s only so much pink I can stand before I want something red or with an orange or tan base!

Price wise this particular range is pretty good, bellabox were selling these at $14.95 a pop. They’re sold out now but you can just do a Google search and find other suppliers.


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