17245This tells the story about Count Dracula and his attempts to move from Transylvania to England in order to spread vampirism amongst a new population of people. A group headed by Van Helsing catch on to his plan though and make it their mission to send the Count packing and destroy him. But can they destroy him before their precious Mina is destroyed?

Ahhh vampires how they’re supposed to be. Deadly, scary, creepy, and definitely not a creature that you can love and take home to your parents. I was expecting, thanks to the movie, that this was going to be some sort of twisted love story and Mina was the Count’s lover reincarnated. Imagine my surprise when that’s not the case and the Count is just a ruthless killer out to turn everyone into a vampire. An actual horror story! Yay!

This book was really well written and incredibly descriptive. Though it was set out as journal entries and newspaper clippings, there was a lot of conversation despite that which is good otherwise it could have made the book much harder to get through if it was just mostly internal dialogue. What I did find good about the conversation is the way Stoker wrote different English accents – even reading the words I could only half understand some of it! I think being able to do that is a real talent.

For me, the descriptive passages can also be a drag when reading a book. In this case there were a couple of longwinded speeches by Van Helsing before the crew went to hunt Dracula and I was just like, yes we know, he’s evil, go kill him already! It really tried my patience at times.

I’m not a classics buff, but despite the frustrating drawn out passages sometimes, I did enjoy this book. In particular I found it interesting to see just how the book differed to the movie. If you’re a teacher this could make an interesting topic for discussion in one of your classes I think.


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