I received a sample sachet of the bust lift and firm cream as well as the heat-activating slimming and firming serum in the August bellabox which had the complexion perfection theme.

Rating: Not so sure about this stuff…

The bust lift and firm cream claims that after a few weeks of regular use it will firm up the skin around your breasts and décolletage so that basically your boobs look firmer and perkier. Similarly with the slimming and firming cream, you use this on any places where you might like to slim down or tone like your thighs, tummy, hips, that kind of thing.

I’m always dubious about creams like this because there’s so often a disclaimer that says “used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise” and I’m like well just doing that would provide the same effect so what is the cream doing? These creams don’t have this disclaimer but when you read about them and the active ingredients, I’m not so sure I want to use this one my skin.

The disclaimer it does have though, on the slimming and firming cream is that there may be a heating sensation when you put it on and that’s the ingredients activating to slim you down. Now that sensation was a bit weird, it was almost like I was sitting on a heater or something!

Do I think it’s actually worked though? Are my boobs perkier? No, but then they were perky anyway so I’m not sure I would have noticed anyway! And the slimming and firming cream? Well, that supposedly you need to use twice a day for about 4 weeks for best results and the sample sachet only had a couple of uses so I honestly don’t really know. If anyone else has used it though let me know what you think, I’d be interested to see if it does work or not.

Both of these products can be picked up from somewhere like Priceline for $39.99 each for a 200mL tube, which is quite expensive for a body cream but if it works it might be worth it.


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