I received a travel sized sample of the shampoo and conditioner in the August bellabox which had the complexion perfection theme. I had a sample sachet of this brand a while ago and really liked it and wasn’t disappointed with this after being able to use it a bit more thanks to the travel size samples I got.

Rating: Loved it, great idea for summer

This is a shampoo and conditioner formulated especially for brunettes and it actually contains a colour depositing ammonia which basically puts a slightly lighter colour through your hair. It’s only subtle but over time you can really see that the colour of your hair is lightening somewhat and the highlights start to look a bit brighter.

What I liked about this shampoo and conditioner, and why I think it’s great for summer is really because of the lightening effect it has on the hair. I have some caramel and honey coloured highlights in my hair and I found this duo enhanced that so it’s starting to look like I’ve been spending some time at the beach already. The only thing I need to work on now is my tan to go with it!

The other thing I liked is the smell. I’m big on having all my senses tickled when it comes to beauty product so if something doesn’t smell good, it can turn me off of the product. This stuff on the other hand smells so good. So. Good. To me, it smells like some kind of sexy mans aftershave, so whenever I wash my hair with this stuff I’m just like mmmmm so good.

The price isn’t too bad for one of these boutique-y kind of shampoos and conditioners, retailing at $17.99 per 250mL tube at a store like Priceline.


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