779126This book follows best friends Debbie and Sue as they try to get into the popular gang with all the top chicks and surfie spunks. It follows their journey with boyfriends, losing their virginity, smoking weed and other hard drugs. Because the book is based on a true story it finishes with a flash forward kind of tell tale into what happened to some of the kids after high school, like who died and who’s in gaol.

The only reason I really wanted to read this book is because one of the characters in it is based on a lady I used to work with. Obviously not one of the main characters but one of the others, she wouldn’t tell me who so I wanted to read it to see if I could guess. And I’m still no closer to working it out!

It was an interesting read on what teenage life was like back in the 70s and what the balance was like between men and women. The chicks couldn’t eat in front of their guys, weren’t allowed to surf, had to get all the food and basically have sex with them whenever they wanted…but not too soon into the relationship otherwise they were known as a mole.

I enjoyed the insight but there wasn’t really much of a plot, it was more just a stream of narrative on what happened, and the only real ending was a few minutes on where people were after high school which was nice but didn’t really wrap up the book satisfactorily. From a story perspective it was a bit flakey but as a historical account (sort of I suppose) it was interesting. In this instance I would probably say the TV show is more interesting.


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