8205669This is a story about master cupcake maker, Lizzy who is one day accosted by two men. One rather menacing one named Wulf and one incredibly sexy one named Diesel. Supposedly Lizzy has some Unmentionable abilities and is needed to find some precious stones that Wulf cannot get otherwise all hell (or something) will break loose. Or whatever breaks loose I’m assuming won’t be good anyway.

I’m still not really sure if I enjoyed this book. It is written in a very conversational tone, like the kind of easy, natural, flowing conversation you might see on TV. This made it really easy to digest and quick to read through. I also had a love hate relationship with Diesel. Sure he might be totally hot and attractive but he’s a pig. Why write a character who basically keeps sexually harassing the main character all the time?

It was a very fun and whacky book, but I think that was also it’s downfall for me. I get that obviously it’s not meant to be taken seriously, it’s not an epic fantasy like some Tolkien book. But it was just a little bit too much on the “whatever” side. The main character just basically accepts that she has some kinda magical power, and that her friend accidentally casts a spell that means a chick can only say “gobble”. The whole book is just too darn easy. Even the hard parts are easy. It doesn’t feel like there’s really any hurdles to get over.

Anyway, I liked the monkey, he was pretty cool.


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