I received a small sample of this in the August bellabox which had the complexion perfection theme. Like the face cream this was also only a small sample so I only got a couple of uses out of it.

Rating: Didn’t like it

This is a cleanser that is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive or allergy prone skin. It doesn’t contain any preservatives, colours or fragrances. It can be used morning and night, to help remove makeup and skin impurities. It suggests that you apply it with a dampened cotton pad or finger tips and massage in, then remove with a dampened cotton pad. Any extra should of course be rinsed of with the special Avène Thermal Spring Water spray because tap water might cause irritation to skin. Really??

I didn’t find that this did anything for me. It didn’t remove my makeup and it didn’t feel like it cleansed my face. Rather it felt like it just wanted to stick on my skin like glue and when I tried to get it off my fingers slipped then stuck awkwardly all over my face. So careful you don’t accidentally jab yourself in the eye when using this cleanser! After use my skin felt clogged and like there was gunk stuck all over it and I needed to wash and exfoliate. So overall, not a good experience and not good results for me.

The price of this cleanser is $59.99 for a 50mL tube from places like Priceline, which if it was a great product could be worth it but for me, I wouldn’t even consider it.


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