I received one of these lip balms, it’s in Blue Razzberry, in the July bellabox which had the Back to Basics theme.

These are a cute little sphere that make a lip balm a little playful and I kinda like the idea. But it is a bit bulky to just slip into the teeny “miscellaneous” gadgets pouch I have in my handbag.

The lip balm itself is as blue as the container which is really cool, but it’s actually tinted too! I only realised this one morning when I put it on one morning and then got dressed and looked in the mirror and my lips were tinged blue. I remember thinking “geez I know it’s a cold winter morning but not blue lips cold…” Then I realised it was to do with the lip balm!

It feels really nice on the lips, goes on nice and easy and leave a lovely soft coating over the lips, without being slimy or anything, so I actually really like it.

I do feel a bit like maybe this is either a bit of a gimmick or maybe something like Lip Smackers that’s targeted at young girls. But you know what, who cares, I like it anyway!

In terms of price, it’s actually not too bad, and sells for around $4.99.

If you like cutesy sorts of lip balms that look good and feel good, then it might be worth trying one out or even gift one to a young girl that you know.

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