1239609If this was a movie it would definitely be a romcom. It follows several different people all at different stages of single, engaged, de facto and separated. The main characters is Grace who is engaged to a man who she though was great until one day, her 31st birthday she wakes up and wonders if maybe he’s not Mr Right. So starts a separation and she runs into a guy she knew 13 years ago who took her virginity. They become friends and hang out, and you can see where this ends up right, I don’t need to spell it out?

Though kind of predictable it was a very sweet book, and did make me laugh in a few places too. I especially like how Grace’s best friend Rhian ends up with Jimi’s best friend Clive but in the most round about way! And how a radio show called “Do you come here often?” seems like such a small thing but ends up tying it all together in a neat little bow.

The only thing I’d really comment on is that the book was really predictable. But then if it wasn’t so predictable it wouldn’t have been the light, sweet read that it was. I can’t imagine that it would have been as good an ending if Grace ended up back with Spencer for example. Maybe a bit more of a development with Rhian and Clive’s relationship would have been good though, that was just kind of wham, bam, thank you maam kinda style. Which was cute and I did enjoy, but you didn’t really get to see them together in the story.

Overall if you’re looking for a light, easy read, that’s a bit of fun then I would try this book. It might be a romcom but there’s no soppy love stuff, which is good. It’s just the right amount of chemistry and laughs to make it a great read.