I’m hoping you can all help me! I would like to increase the number of vegetarian meals that I’m eating and gradually become vegetarian. Partly for the environment because there’s such a huge carbon footprint that goes with eating meat. Partly for my health; meat and I don’t always go well together but I’ve always eaten it and so after 30 years of eating it, it’s just kinda “what you do” right, but I want to change that. And it’s also partly to save a bit of money from not buying meat.

The problem I have at the moment is I don’t really know a lot of delicious meals or lunches that I could make. So I am looking for recommendations. Either ones that you really like, or if  you know of a book or a website I could trawl through that would be really handy.

If you are happy to share your story with me too, if you transitioned from meat eater to vegetarian I would be really interested to hear your advice and any tips you have!

Thanks everyone!

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