Sometimes it’s not enough to just wait for an opportunity to tap you on the shoulder so you can grab it. Sometimes you need to go after it and make that opportunity happen.

When my ex and I separated and we decided that I would keep the house, I knew that while I would be able scrape by, I would struggle to afford to take time our for myself. Whether that was buying better quality makeup and skincare or being able to pay for a holiday, either a quick interstate visit or big overseas trip.

I love my house and wasn’t willing to give it up so I decided that I needed to find a way of generating some more income. I tried pamphlet delivery, and though the exercise was great the pay was just no where near worth it, especially in the middle of winter!

Then I started thinking a bit more about what might align more with my interests and began considering companies like Nutrimetics, Avon, Younique… The kind of companies that would allow me to work for myself, set my own working hours and basically do whatever the hell I want with the business. But also allow me to purchase products for me at a discount and sell it to others and make some money.

I did research into all these companies to see what they were like, what commissions they paid and was pretty certain that Nutrimetics would be the best choice for me. While I was mulling over the decision and what the next steps would be, an opportunity arose to talk to a few Nutrimetics Consultants at a High Tea. I asked them lots of questions and that reaffirmed for me that I wanted to become a Nutrimetics Consultant and so I signed up.

The moral of that longwinded story is this, if I hadn’t been proactively researching and looking into what opportunities I could put myself forward for, I probably wouldn’t have signed up for Nutrimetics at the High Tea. I’d likely still be procrastinating and waiting for the door called Opportunity to open itself for me.

Instead, I decided to make my own door and go after the opportunity.

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