I got another delivery of Nutrimetics products today, yay! Being a Nutrimetics Consultant has some huge benefits, cheap products for a start but you can also earn free stuff. Oh my gosh it’s so addictive!


I got some Nail Glitz stickers. These are a similar thing to Jamberry where you get all the cool nail art on your nails without all of the effort.

If you have never tried an in-shower body moisturiser before I’d recommend giving it a go. The Nutrimetics one is lovely and I’m still trying to decide if I keep this one for me or put it in my “giveaway” box.

The Mineral Masque is for my kit so I can do masque and facial pamper sessions for ladies… or gents if they occasionally feel like being pampered!

The Beauty Veil Liquid Foundation is both for me and my kit. Rather than having two oversized makeup kits, one for me, and one for everyone else, to me it makes more sense to just have one. Providing of course you make sure you keep it sanitary!

Nutri-Rich Bathing Bars can be a bit pricey just for soap, but I got my hands on this for real cheap so it’ll go in my “giveaway” box for a nice little treat for one of my clients.

The Gloss Cube is something a bit more cute and fun. It has a light gloss and a darker gloss so good for the handbag for a day/night transition. This will probably also end up in my “giveaway” box.

Have you tried any of these Nutrimetics products before? What did you think of them?

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