I am not very good at knowing when it is time to walk away. Part of it is the what ifs. What if I gave up too soon? What if I just did this differently? What if…

But the thing is, you need to trust your gut. I knew, months before my relationship was over that it was no good for me and that it was over without being over. But yet, I still tried harder. What should have triggered me to walk away was that my former partner wasn’t willing to also try harder, despite begging and pleading him to do so.

It is an incredibly difficult and personal decision to make. Maybe some people may try and make it out to be a selfish one, and perhaps in a way it is. But, ultimately I think we need to do what’s best for ourselves and be happy and love ourselves before we can do that for someone else. So sometimes the best thing for us and for potential other people, is for us to walk away.

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