I created this version of the 2016 Bingo Reading Challenge to suit my own tastes and desires, and to challenge myself somewhat as well.

You are more than welcome to join me if you are interested, the rules are pretty simple. Every time you read a book that fits into one of the categories on the Bingo card, you daub the spot. Only one book is allowed to daub one space, with the exception of the left hand column. You can daub the left hand column plus another spot, for example if you read a book by your favourite author while travelling, you can daub both spots. This challenge runs until the end of 2016.

Below is my Bingo card, I daubed three spots on the Bingo card in July which is three more than what I did in June so that feels like a good achievement.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 8.28.28 PM.png


Here’s the books that I finished reading in July:

The book titles in the list link to the reviews I did on each of the books.

The only book that I’m reading for the challenge at the moment is:

  • Comedy: Do You Come Here Often? by Alexandra Potter

So far I’m whizzing through this book, it’s a really easy read. I’m finding it’s not so much a comedy, though don’t get me wrong there are some amusing bits. But there is a lot of content in the book that I’m relating to so it’s quite enjoyable.

Are you participating in any Bingo Reading Challenges this year? How are you going with yours?

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