I received samples of the Klorane shampoo and conditioner in the July bellabox which had the Back to Basics theme.

This shampoo and conditioner is beneficial for those who have thinning hair and will complement any hair-loss treatments. Simply start with the shampoo and rinse it out and then follow up with the conditioner, and Klorane claim that your hair will be left thicker, stronger and healthier than before.

Which doesn’t exactly reflect the results that I had with these products. My hair felt thicker yes, but, it felt dirty and matted. Imagine you’d been out in the desert in a dust storm and what that would do to your hair… That was about how my hair felt. It had a dull shine to it, potentially muted because of all the crap or residue maybe that was left in my hair to make it “thicker”.

I also had to use a huge amount of the shampoo and the conditioner to be able to work it through my  hair. Now I have a pixie cut with a long sweeping fringe and the amount I had to use was about the same as what I would use with another shampoo/conditioner when my hair was past my shoulders.

The price of the shampoo and conditioner is a bit higher than some of your supermarket brands but not as expensive as elite products so it’s still quite affordable. Priceline have these for sale for $13.99 for a 200mL bottle.

Given the results I had with these products though, I would avoid them entirely. They made my hair feel gross and the smell of the products also reminds me of a mens deodorant called Brut. So all up not a pleasant experience for me.

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