13023I’m sure most people know the story of Alice. She sees a rabbit and follows it down a hole and lands in Wonderland where there are weird creatures and err, people? I’m not sure there was a point to this story, Alice just kinda wandered around, played croquet, avoided having her head chopped off and then woke up.

The level of creativity in the book is enormous. So many different fantastical beings, the cheshire cat, the smoking caterpillar, the deck of card guards. Very creative.

But, did I really enjoy the story? Nope. If I was high on LSD while reading it then it may have been the best book ever. But otherwise, it didn’t have a storyline, Alice was really annoying, none of the other characters were given enough air time to really have been developed… I could go on, but you get the idea.

Another “classic” read and another I didn’t really like too much. It’s not looking good for my relationship with classics.