This is a meme that’s hosted every Tuesday by The Broke and the Bookish and the theme for this week is facts that are about me, either bookish or otherwise.

1. I’m a Manager at a global educational technologies company

I’m actually pretty proud about this. I started in a service delivery role when I was 26 and then a year later was promoted to Team Leader, and then about two years after that, at 29 years old I was promoted to Manager. Three years and already made Manager, and even before I turned 30! Even if it was only 22 days before I turned 30, I’m still taking it, it counts!

2. I’m a volunteer at Monarto Zoo

Oh my gosh I love the zoo, it is a magical place for me. I am a Mallee Minder, so my focus is land management and conservation and any other odd jobs around the zoo that need doing. I love being part of something that is so big and important, it makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.

3. I am a Nutrimetics Consultant

So my other love is skincare and makeup, and so I am a Nutrimetics Consultant so that I can share their wonderful products with everyone else!

4. My dog is my fur baby


Really, she is. She’s just so cute.

5. This is the 4th blog I’ve had

I had three others but they were all specific topics and so it felt like I was kinda pigeonholing myself to only writing about three topics, when there is so much other stuff I wanted to write about as well. And so I decided to start fresh with just one blog where I could write about anything I felt like!

6. I’m a pole dancer

I have been dancing for nearly 4 years and I love it. It’s the only physical activity I’ve been able to keep myself going back to and continue doing over and over again.

7. The Wheel of Time is my all time favourite book series

I can’t remember how many times I’ve read this series but it is my absolute favourite.

8. Eating disorders suck

I am still trying to come out the other end of one, and with what I’m going through with this breakup it has been really hard to stay on the straight and narrow, but I think I’m doing ok considering.

9. I like to binge watch TV shows

I am not one of those people that can watch a TV show waiting week to week to see what will happen next. I prefer to wait for it all to come out and then download it and watch it one episode after another.

10. I sleep with two teddy bears

Yep, that’s right. Now that it’s just me in my big bed I like to have a couple of teddies in there. Mostly because I find it helps with my back a bit by keeping my arms apart when I’m laying on my side as opposed to them being together and my back being really rounded.